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USSD For Voting Competitions In Nigeria 


Are you running a voting competition with SMS shortcode and you are fed-up with the revenue pay-out from MON’s? Now! Worry no more because our USSD for Voting Competition is here to fill up that gap and solve that issue.


Now you can use a USSD platform that has favourable revenue pay-out, has codes for all banks, and also pays on time? Look no further, we now have a voting platform that is more effective and rewarding than using text message shortcode.


Using USSD to vote for your contestants is now a newer technology that is more efficient. It pays more and it pays on time. The general public will simply dial the code and vote any amount for their contestant and the system will debit their bank account and convert the amount into votes.


Votes can be structured to be N30, N50, or N100 or even more per vote. For example, on the N50 per vote competition, if someone votes and pays N2,000, that contestant will get 40 votes at once counted automatically in their favour. E.g. *737*001*4333# for single vote and *737*001*43332000# for multiple votes and the voter is paying N2000 at once to give his or her contestant 40 votes.


The Pay-out chart table From Shareholders (25%)

Tariff Per Vote:
Net Earn:


Service Owner (SO): 18%

Service Provider (SP) 7%


Setup fee ………………………… N300,000 oneoff.


Setup Duration is 2-3 days



FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions:

How do we get paid? At the end of your vote, we will collate your revenue and pay it into the bank account you specified during registration. It is advisable for you to wait till the end of the competition before making a request for your revenue.

How soon can I get paid? Within 7 working days

How do I monitor the votes and revenue generated? We will provide you with access to view it and even your transaction logs 

Who creates the competition and the contestants? We do that for you. All we need is the Name of your Competition and Full Name of your Contestants. We will generate the code for each contestant.


So, who takes the other part of the revenue? The stakeholders and telecom that made the infrastructures available, then the Net Earning is split between SO & SP as stated above.

Pay With ATM Card

Contact Address

Head Office: Magazini Plaza, No.86 Ambassador Leo Okogwu Road, Westend, Asaba Delta State.

Tel: +2348064507989




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