"Just 2 Sales will Cover Your Setup Cost With Much Profit Left Over"

Dear Friend,

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I have a business model that's very simple to run even from the comfort of your house, this business hasn't been circulated and it will make you so much money to the extent that you will be blaming yourself why you haven't discovered it before now.

Am sure you wouldn't like to hear another crap about starting a profitable Business online, probably because you have heard enough of that.

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I am strongly recommending to You Our Short Reseller Business Model...


This is one Business Model that will certainly keep generating income for many years come rain come sunshine. You don't need to rent office space before you can make money from this business, just setup your reseller business online and start earning.

Insider Truth About Mobile Phone Many Nigerians Never Discover!

Almost every Nigerian own one or two mobile phone but very few truly understand the Power of this most owned object...

Has it ever cross your mind;

  • That Over 120 million GSM SIM cards is currently active in Nigeria according to Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC).
  • That a lot Nigerians are much addicted to their phones (including you) and they can't sleep at night without their mobile phone by their bed side.
  • That many smart businesses have bend to take advantage of this addiction by providing services targeting mobile phone users

With above fact in mind, you can clearly see that there's much money in this GSM stuff. Why did I say that? It's simple! Often times, lots of people including you that is reading this letter do receive SMS asking to send some WORD to some short numbers to receive one thing or the other.

Its Important you realize that Millions of naira are made daily each time such text messages goes out! And as a smart Entrepreneur you can position yourself as a short code service provider and attract huge fund each time these text messages goes out. That's exactly what our short code reseller business package will help you achieve!


Here's How This Business Works

Looking at the above chart closely, you will discover that, the BULK of the money is made by those in… "Scene 2: that's "the Short Code Providers!"
They buy licenses directly from telecom companies at a very cheap rate, re-package it and sell it to business owners and individuals, for outrageous amounts of money.


In More Clear Terms

The Telecom companies [MTN, GLO, Airtel and Others] gives license to short code providers to use their networks to sell short codes to businesses and individuals who will then charge users for text messages send to those short codes.

Along the line, the Short Code Providers are the Ones that's making the huge money from this Setup. This is worth repeating so that it can sink into your mind properly, Short Code Owners buy licenses at low price directly from the telecom providers, re-package it and sell it to business owners and individuals, for enormous amounts of money. And that why this offer is a must for you as a smart entrepreneur!

Another mind blowing truth about this business is that business owners/individuals will still pay an access fee of =N10,000 every single month for every short code they setup through the short code providers. This generate....



Double Income For Resellers/Shortcode Providers

  1. You make money by setting up the GSM short code service for business owners/individuals: This simply means you can sell this service for up to N100,000 per business.


  1. Every time someone buys the short code, they have to pay you N10,000 every month for maintenance. What this means is that, for as many short code Subscribers you have that is running their Short code service under your brand, You will be making extra N10,000 every month from each of them. Hey! Did you get that? That means that if have just 10 Short code subscriber, you will be making extra N10,000 x 10 = N100,000 every Monthly aside the Initial Setup Fee you charged. You are not doing any other thing to earn this extra income.

It takes approximately 30 minutes to Setup your reseller short code account and you can start Selling for N75,000 to N150,000 per short code. Can you now estimate your monthly Income from this hot business opportunity we are offering you today?

I hope you are beginning to see the income potential in this business model?




Job Vacancy websites

Information marketers


Newspaper and magazine publishers

Freight forwarders


Upscale restaurants

Service businesses


People on Facebook and Twitter







Auto Dealers
and many more people!

That's a very big money...Right!


You see, setting up a short code reseller business account is big men affairs, one need at least 1 million naira before you can approach telecom companies to ask for a license to provide short code. Because of such heavy amount of money involved, the deep pocketed business men have greedily monopolize this market for long and keep making huge money for themselves.



However, after deep research and total commitment to economic emancipation of our fellow Nigerians , companies like ours discovered the very secret of this money spinning business and quickly cut down all the limitations.

"Now Becoming A GSM Short Code Provider Is As Easy As Brushing Your Teeth"

In approximately 30 minutes or less you too can have your own Reseller GSM Short code up and running and you can start selling each short code for N75,000 to N150,000 each. You are getting a completely white label GSM Shortcode with all the features included!


Guaranty ShortCode Reseller Features

  • White Label Reseller Website
  • Customers Short Code Management Control Panel
  • Real time/Robust Reseller Control Panel Support
  • Unlimited Desired Short Code and Keyword
  • One Time Setup Fee
  • Sub-Resellers Management System
  • Unlimited No. of Sub Resellers


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