Guaranty Shortcode now have connection to upload your Artistes/Clients Music Album/Music Videos (Full Tracks) on MTN MusicPlus.
This is a platform that we assist Artists sell their Music Album and Music Videos on MTN MusicPlus platform and earn Revenue.

We will get your songs to generate a lot of money for you via online music stores and we are preferred partners to MTN Music Plus which is the biggest online music store out of Africa. MTN Music Plus allows your song to earn and generate revenue for you as an artist as it is downloaded or streamed online.

In case you are just hearing of MTN MusicPlus for the first time, the information below will help you get a clearer picture of what this service is all about and how you can take advantage of it right away for explosive profit.

MTN MusicPlus is an application service that allows Subscribers stream or download Music content on their Data enabled handsets and devices.

The service will provide Exclusives/Latest Hits/Videos/Caller Tunez/ Yello Top 10 that customers may choose from, and will give them a new ‘on-the-go’ Digital lifestyle experience. The music portal allows users to perform various Operations, such as music streaming, caller tunez, mood Music, videos, exclusives for download, sharing, and Gift.


"Now Getting Your Song On MTN MusicPlus Has Just Been Made Ridiculously Easy And Cheap with Guaranty MusicPlus Content Service "


How To Get Your Song On MTN MusicPlus And Start Generating Revenue

1) Pay the setup fee into any of our bank branch closer to you or make bank transfer. Bank details are shown below;

2) Provide endorsed Authorization letter from the artist(on letter headed paper) if you are not the original owner of the song. We will provide you with a sample Authorization letter.

3) Provide Good and clear Artwork/image of the artist (JPG file, 280*380 size)

4) Save full track on MP3 file and Video on VLC file and to send us

 Upon the receipt of the details above, your account will be proceed and your upload Links will be out in 2-3 weeks. 



Set Up Duration: 2 - 3weeks 

No monthly fee


  Subscription prize per month on both Music Full Track and Music Video;

i. Full Tracks cost per month..............N300 

ii. Music Video per month..................N600

Revenue Model: Content Owner = 60%, VAS = 40% Excluding TAX, VAT, MNO & NCC Levy

 For more information, feel free to contact us.


You will get a periodic statement as the Content Owner ( artist ) to let you see how many times your song or content was downloaded and how much revenue your song has generated.

We provide you a detailed download logs for your content (songs & videos) on a quarterly (3 monthly) basis as soon as we receive it from MTN.


You can make payment using the payment options below.

 Go to the bank below and a deposit into our bank account for your MusicPlus Setup or Make Bank Transfer.

After making a deposit, send a notification SMS to 08064507989 include the following in your text message; Depositor NameTeller Number,Date of Payment, Amount Paid. If you made payment Via ATM payment option below, send the payment confirmation email send to you to


Polite Awareness!

We do not make refund for MusicPlus that is already in progress of setup. Reason being that we pay certain percentage to the respective authorities for the set up of MusicPlus while the leftover is the profit for 


Pay With ATM Card

Contact Address

Head Office: SolutionForth Web Resources, No.86 Ambassador Leo Okogwu Road, Westend, Asaba Delta State.

Tel: +2348064507989




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