Get Your Own Short Code Setup In Minutes

We don\'t just setup the shortcode for you, we teach you the insider secret to boost your shortcode profit. You don\'t need to rent office to make this business generate huge fund for you. We\'ll handle everything for you including setup and maintenance.
Get Your Own Short Code Setup In Minutes

GSM Short Code Reseller Business-In-A-Box system

Becoming a short code provider just got easier and cheaper with Guaranty short code reseller business in a box. Setup your short code reseller account in 30 minutes and start selling unlimited short code at N75,000 and above per account. Guaranteed!
GSM Short Code Reseller Business-In-A-Box system

Convert Your SMS To Voice...Get More Response

Robocall enables you to communicate with your customers by calling their Mobile numbers anywhere in Nigeria with a pre-recorded voice message through a fully automated Online System. Our Robo Calls are completely automated process and you don\'t network operators or dialer to process the call.
Convert Your SMS To Voice...Get More Response

Attract More Customers To Your Business

The fastest way to increase responses and profit is to engage your audience on a device they never leave home without. We provide cheap and instant delivery SMS system for effective business promotion.
Attract More Customers To Your Business


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4 Steps to Start Earning Big From GSM Shortcode In Nigeria

Step 1

Get Your Own Automated Short Code System Like 35818, 3811, 42383 From Guaranty Shortcode

Step 2

Setup A Campaign That Your Audience Can Text To Your Shortcode No.

Step 3

Your Shortcode System Will Receive Text Campaign And Credit N50, N100 etc To Your Account Automatically

Step 4

You Walk To Your Bank And Cash FAT Cheque. Guarantee Result! No Hussle!

 "Who Else Want To Link Bank Account to The Money FLOW In Telecom Companies In Nigeria?"


Setup Your Own Shortcode Today Directly From The Source
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Dear smart income lover,

Has it cross your mind that many Nigerians are seriously making mouth watering some of money every week from over 120 million mobile phone subscribers in Nigeria just by receiving text messages through a special 4,5 or 6 digits numbers?

It might shock you to learn that these SMART Nigerians don't even receive these TEXT messages directly on their mobile phones. There's automatic system that handle these messages and stock money into their bank account 24/7 while they're snoring on their BED in the middle of the night or go about their normal day to day activities. 

We’ve been helping people like you make serious progress financially simply by leveraging on the shortcode business.


And we are committed to help you do the same BUT you must be ready to take action. It's rightfully said that opportunity knocks at the door of a prepared man, not a preparing man. Visiting this site, is a clear proof that you are prepared.

Your commitment to reading this short letter shows that you really want to make more money into your life through this business opportunity that mobile trend has presented to you. So I want to warmly say congratulations for taking this rightful step to cash in big from this untapped gold of mobile boom.


Get The Very Best Out Of This Opportunity...


To ensure you don't miss out any part of this golden opportunity, We strongly advice you push behind you every other thing that could distract you including your phone, television or radio just for this few moment and pay maximum attention to every single word of this letter because it just that important.


Honestly, It's better you are well informed and deliberately refuse to act on the opportunity than to totally miss out.

Just before I go further, I want to announce to you that – We're a living proof of awesome profit from this business and to re-assure you that you can actually earn as much as you want from the mobile marketing industry ranging from BulkSMS, Voice Broadcasting to the ultimate Shortcode business you are about to discover it's earning potential in few moment.

You’ll certainly be amazed at what you will accomplish if you can boldly take that first step forward to get your own shortcode— just like we did some years back and today we are proud to be the fastest and leading shortcode provider in Nigeria trusted by many. We go extra mile to ensure that our clients earnings are safeguarded and delivered to them directly as fast as possible.

And I want to help you do just that — starting today!


In case you are still trying to figure out what shortcode is all about, Let me quickly throw more light on that;

Short code are special telephone numbers, significantly shorter than normal 11 digits GSM numbers that can be used to address SMS and MMS messages from certain service providers like Airtel, MTN, Glo, Etisalat. It is used to process two way messaging with special billing ranging from hotel booking, flight booking, church prayer request, order for products and services etc

On the other hand, a Short code is a 5 or 6 digits phone number that can send and receive short code messages, allowing consumers to interact with and access a wide variety of mobile content through text messaging. Example of short code; 35519, 35612.


Now The Big Question!


Have you ever received a text message from different short numbers like 35490,34260 asking you reply with some word to get something? Did I hear you say YES! Right! Again what do you do when you get the text messages? Simply Delete it? Well I want you to do something very important.


Don't Delete Those Messages Again!

Why did I say that? It's actually simple, allowing them fill up your phone inbox will always trigger in your memory that your mobile phone has in-built system that's capable of generating a substantial amount of money for you on daily basis. This is the best reward that comes with the launching of GSM service in Nigeria...


"Because you too can copy the companies that's sending you those SMS, do it the way they are doing it and smile to the bank to withdraw bundles of Cash. You can do this by following a simple secret I will reveal to you ..... at the end of this letter".


Real life scenario!

Just As I type this letter, an SMS alert came into my cell phone. Here's the content of the message

"Did you know Dettol protects from up to 100 illness-causing germs for N100. Play the Dettol 100-day challenge and be informed. Text DETTOL to 5030"

The Message you just read is a promotion by Dettol. Now If I reply to their message, they will be paid =N=50 or more by MTN because I am using MTN Network. Same thing applies to other network operator.

See I am letting you know all these things because...You can actually be the one sending these SMS and be making sizable amount of money everyday effortlessly.


You see, before now SMS Short codes use to be a BIG man affairs. Only companies and individuals with millions of naira can afford to setup the business and due to high setup cost, they monopolized the industry and greedily kept the money for themselves.

However, after deep research and total commitment to help , companies like ours discovered the very secret of this money spinning business and quickly cut down all the limitations. We expanded into VAS PROVIDING services mainly because of YOU!

This simply Means that right now. . .You too can...

With your shortcode, honestly you are the only one that can stop the amount of money you will be making on daily basis.

Just imagine you have a short SMS code set up, and you have people texting back to your short code number making you money,
Now this small Chart will help you understand how much your simple short code can be making for you every day with a N50 tariff.

No. of Responders Per day Amount You Make Daily
100 ₦ 5,000
150 ₦ 7,500
500 ₦ 25,000
5,000 ₦ 250,000
10,000 ₦ 500,000
25, 000 ₦ 1,250,000

Payout From The Earnings By The Telecoms Can Be Found At The Pricing Page



Mr. Bello received a message that looks like this:

"Would you like to increase your resistance to stress by strengthening your physical health? Type STRESS and send to 33111."

Message to Mr. Bello


Mr. Bello respond to this by typing STRESS as stated and send to the number 33111, N50 will be debited from Mr. Bello's phone credit.
Now what happen next is that the owner of the Short Code that Mr. Bello actually send the reply to, will be Credited with the N50 that was debited from Mr. Bello's airtime. And the sweetest part of it is that the more the short code owner send the SMS to many people, the more he is being credited N50 and it keep accumulating like that till it form a whole lots of money. That's how simple and lucrative this shortcode business is. Do you now see the reason you should get your own shortcode setup immediately.

Don't think. Don't Wonder. Just Try This Lucrative Shortcode Business Out. You Wouldn't Regret It. 


There's Even Bigger ones!


You Can Make One Time Payment
Pay installment just for your confidence.

To SETUP SHARED SHORTCODE: Pay N74,900 one time payment or use economic plan and minimize your risk by paying two installment just for your confidence, Pay N50,000 first and balance N24,900 when your short code is setup in 2-3 days.


You don't need to rent office to make this business generate huge fund for you. We'll handle everything for you including setup and maintenance. Your duty is to focus on managing your business!

Which other business system can you start with this amount that has the capacity to generate heavy profit for you everyday without you renting an office or incur other heavy costs? The answer is very simple "NONE".

You See why... You Shouldn't Consider Missing This Opportunity As Option?

  • This Business will certainly pay you big time. It make no difference if you are a job seeker, unemployed, an employee or retired worker etc.
  • You don't need to be internet or computer guru or have the very best laptop in the world. No No.. That's not a factor, All you need is to have a burning desire to make more money.
  • You don't need to know people you will be sending your short code message to or go through stress to find them, We will give you their direct contacts so you can reach them on devices they never leave home without.


Now If you're really ready to experience true success as mobile marketing industry leader do...

Now Is the Right Time to Take Important Action

Grab Your Phone Now and Text "SET UP MY SHORTCODE" to 08064507989 then proceed to pay for the service using the payment options below.

TO SETUP SHARED SHORTCODE: Pay N74,900 one time payment or Minimize your risk by paying N50,000 then balance N24,900 when the short code completed in the 2-3 days.

You will get these early bird exclusive Bonuses when you order today

Bonus: #1

Verified Personal Data Generator
(This is one secret industry experts will never want you to know)

This software generates highly categorized personal data such as name, email, website, phone numbers, etc. from any location you want.

Bonus: #2

Over 30 Million Nationwide Verifiable GSM Database Sorted by First Name, Last Name, Sex, LGA & State.

Latest verifiable GSM Number database of active Nigerian mobile phone users sorted in First Name, Last Name, Sex, LGA & State wise manner.

This database sell for N180,000 at but you are getting it Free!

That's Not All!

Order today and qualify to receive these extra super bonuses worth N70,000

Extra Super Bonus #1:

Targeted Facebook Advertiser

This is a special software that will let you market your short code to over 3,000,000 active facebook users without spending a dime.

It comes with step by steps manual that will show you how to target particular audience on facebook and get instant result.

Extra Super Bonus #2:

  • Step By Steps Guide to marketing on Facebook and Google  
  • Free Valid 500,000 Nigerian Emails and Bulk Mailer for a Zero-Cost Promotion

Extra Super Bonus #3:

My unquantifiable Mentorship till you breakeven. I usually charge N50,000 for my mentorship class but you will get free admission if you order today.

So, With this whole lots we are offering, you have got nothing tangible to stop you from succeeding financially for life from this business.


Make payment instantly for your short code setup using

Payment Option 1

Pay instantly online using your ATM card. Click here to Pay Now!

Our online payment gateway is highly secured!


Payment Option 2

Go to the bank and deposit the sum of N74,900 into our bank account below or

Make bank transfer to avoid stress.

After making a deposit, send a notification SMS to 08064507989 include the following in your text message; Depositor Name, Teller Number, Date of Payment, Amount Paid. If you made payment Via ATM payment option below, send the payment confirmation email send to you to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Please Take Note:

You cannot cancel your shortcode setup order or request a refund once the setup is in progress. REASON: We pay certain fees to networks for your shortcode activation while the leftover is the profit of


Pay With ATM Card

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Head Office: Magazini Plaza, No.86 Ambassador Leo Okogwu Road, Westend, Asaba Delta State.

Tel: +2348064507989




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